Port Services

We are providing stvedoring services with our own cranes & equipment. Our annual volume is over 2,000,000 tons. We handle commodities such as Iron&Steel Products,Packaged Cement, Clinker,Cereals and Mines. 
We provide handling service of 12,000 tons for Bulk Cargo and 4,000 tons for General Cargo averagely in daily basis.
Also engaged in Chartering and Brokering activities, our company offers competitive prices for shipments between Turkish Ports (Cabotage) .
With the know-how and experience we gained in the sector,we established BUSSERK  Port Logistics company in 2014 in partnership with Buss Port Logistics,a Germany originated company. 
Busserk is a stevedoring company undertaking the loading/unloading operations at Iskenderun Limak Port under long term contract.

  • General Cargo
  • Iron and Steel Products
  • Project Cargo
  • Cereals
  • Mine
  • Bulk and Packaged Cement
  • Clinker
  • Cellulose
  • Glass